Grantee Resources

The James S. McDonnell Foundation believes in having answers to your questions before you even ask them. On this page, you will find various instructions and information on grant management and development based on past inquiries to better help you understand our systems. If you cannot find an answer here, you are welcome to contact the Foundation with any inquiry you may have at

For up-to-date information regarding administrative policies and guidelines, we recommend subscribing to JSMF's administrative mailing list.

Important Information

All reports must be submitted through the JSMF electronic reporting system. View instructions and information on this system.

Financial Reports

Due annually for all grants. Financial Reports must be submitted using the report system.

Progress Reports

Due date varies depending on grant type and year funded. Progress Reports must be submitted using the report system.

No Cost Extensions

No-Cost Extension requests may be requested at any time during the grant. These requests must be submitted using the report system.

Only electronic reports

Reports must be submitted electronically using the link on this page. Do not send paper copies.