Understanding Human Cognition Advisory Board

JSMF Advisory members are selected by the Foundation on the basis of their expert knowledge, collegiality, and willingness to help the Foundation fulfill its commitment to supporting research and scholarship. We publish their names in a spirit of transparency so that potential applicants can know who advises the Foundation and who assists us in proposal review. Advisors are not responsible for establishing programmatic directions nor in crafting Foundation requests for applications. Please do not contact Advisory Board members for information regarding Foundation priorities or for guidance concerning proposal preparation. All questions of this nature not addressed on the JSMF website should be addressed directly to the Foundation by writing info@jsmf.org Thank you.

2018 Scholar Award Advisory Board

Karen Adolph
New York University
2018 Scholar Award Reviewer

Thomas H. Carr
Michigan State University
2018 Scholar Award Reviewer

David Danks
Carnegie Mellon University
2018 Scholar Award Reviewer

Frank Keil
Yale University
2018 Scholar Award Reviewer

Kia Nobre
University of Oxford
2018 Scholar Award Reviewer

Steven Petersen
Washington University
2018 Scholar Award Reviewer

Daniel J. Povinelli
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2018 Scholar Award Reviewer

Linda Smith
Indiana University - Bloomington
2018 Scholar Award Reviewer

Other Understanding Human Cognition Advisors

Trevor Robbins
University of Cambridge