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Brain Tumor Funders’ Collaborative CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

Funding for Collaborative Research Teams -- Comprehensive Evaluation of Long-term Survivors of GBM

Deadline to Submit Letter of Intent to Apply was October 1, 2013

(Posted: 2013-09-11) The BTFC participates in a number of activities with the aim of identifying forward-looking translational research opportunities where the collective action of funding organizations with a shared commitment to improving the outcomes of brain tumor patients could contribute to advancing the understanding and treatment of devastating brain tumors. Information about the BTFC is available at

The current initiative is informed by a series of BTFC-hosted workshops and planning meetings.   An issue repeatedly raised in multiple forums was the concern that pre-clinical brain tumor research had become over-reliant on murine-models that do not fully capture the complexity of human gliomas.    Progress in brain tumor research could be aided with better understanding of the natural histories of the human disease, a fuller characterization of the molecular and physiological characteristics of human tumors, and an analysis of the individual responses of patients – in terms of the responses to existing or experimental therapies and the natural responses individuals demonstrate in response to pathologies.

To this end the BTFC is prepared to sponsor research taking a more careful and comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of a suite of pertinent factors related to long–term survivors of GBM.    For the purposes of this BTFC initiative, the funders are focused on true survivor outliers, and for the purposes of this solicitation long–term survivors are defined as individuals surviving at least 5 years, significantly beyond the most common mean survival statistic of 15 months post-diagnosis.

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