Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Leonid Kruglyak, Ph.D.
Human Genetics in the Twenty-First Century

INSERM (Paris, France)
Stanislas Dehaene, Ph.D.
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Numeracy: Exploring the cerebral substrate, the development, and the pathologies of number sens

MRC Human Genetics Unit (Western General Hospital)
Wendy A. Bickmore, Ph.D.
Putting the Genome on the Map

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Stefan Rahmstorf, Ph.D.
Currents of Change

Simon Fraser University
Kathleen Akins, Ph.D.
More than Mere Colouring: A dialogue between philosophy and neuroscience on the nature of spectral vision

University of Chicago
John E. Carlstrom, Ph.D.
Taking a Snapshot of the Early Universe

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Daniel J. Povinelli, Ph.D.
The Minds of Humans and Apes: Alternative Outcomes on an Evolutionary Experiment

University of Maryland Institute Center for Marine Biotechnology
Mercedes Pascual, Ph.D.
Scales That Matter: Untangling Complexity in Ecological Systems

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Keith Wailoo, Ph.D.
The Body in Parts: Disease and the biomedical sciences in the 20th century

University of Washington
Christopher W. Stubbs, Ph.D.
Looking for Dark Matter through a Gravitational Lens: A Next Generation Microlensing Survey