Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Benchmark School
Irene Gaskins
Development of a Metacognitive Curriculum for an Elementary School

Brown University
Kathryn Spoehr
Using Hypermedia for Instruction

Carnegie Mellon University
Anne L. Fay
The Development of Scientific Reasoning

Carnegie Mellon University
Kenneth R. Koedinger

Carnegie Mellon University
Kenneth R. Koedinger
Understanding Informal Algebra and Bridging to Symbolic Algebra

Carnegie Mellon University
David Klahr
Integrating Instruction on a 'Control of Variables Strategy' into the Elementary School Science Curriculum

Clark University, University of Massachusetts-Bosto
M. Wiser
Teaching for Conceptual Change in Middle School Science

Edinburgh University
Keith Stenning
Integrating Social and Representational Aspects of Problem Solving Across the High School Curriculum

Georgia Institute of Technology
Janet Kolodner
Scaffolding Learning by Design: An Exploration of the Metacognitive Skills Needed to Successfully Negotiate and Learn from Op

Gonzaga University & Washington State University
B. Sitko
Developing Culturally Sensitive Models For Writing instruction in Planning and Revising After Feedback

Harvard University
Carol Smith
Explanatory Model. Construction: The Case of a Theory of Matter

Institute of Child Study, University of Toronto
Robbie Case
Developing Children’s Capabilities for Abstract Mathematical Thought: An Experimental Program for Teaching Linear and Non-lin

Learning Research and Development Center
G. Leinhardt
Skills of Explanation and Argument in Mathematics and Social Studies

Mercer Island School District & University of Washi
James Minstrell
The Development of a Classroom Based Teaching System Representing Students' Knowledge Structures and Their Processing of Inst

Northwestern University
Brian Resier
Scaffolding Scientific Thinking and Construction of Models of Biological Mechanisms

Ohio State University
Vladimir Sloutsky
The Development of Understanding in Mathematics and Science: Cognitive Mechanisms and Methods of Amplification

Old Dominion University
Danielle S. McNamara
Background Knowledge Assessment: A Key to Improving Learning from Text

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Robbie Case
Rightstart: An Early Intervention Program for Insuring that Children's First Formal Learning of Arithmetic is Grounded in The

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Marlene Scardamalia
Interactive Environments for Promoting Intentional Learning

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Mary Lamon
When Beliefs Conflict with Knowledge: The Use of Contradiction and Explanation in Science, Mathematics and Writing

Stanford University
Kenji Hakuta
The Effects of Metacognitive Approaches to Improve ESL for Language Minority Students

Stanford University/Institute for Research on Learn
Rogers Hall
Representational Practices in Learning, Teaching, and Assessing Mathematics

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Anat Zohar
Thinking Teachers: Teachers Cognition in Implementing Higher Order Reasoning in Science Classrooms

University of Arizona
Cecile McKee
Promoting and Measuring Deaf Students’ Language Competence: A Step Towards Improving Academic Achievement

University of California - Berkeley
Ann L. Brown
Communities of Learning and Thinking

University of California - Berkeley
Jack Smith
Designing the Learning of Fractions

University of California - Berkeley
Cynthia Greenleaf
A Case for Multicultural Teacher Education: Taking a Developmental Route to Excellence and Equity

University of California - Berkeley
Ann C.H. Kindfield
Understanding Basic Biological Processes

University of California - Berkeley
Barbara Y. White
Developing Teachers' and Students' Scientific Inquiry Skills Using a Computer-Based, Classroom Learning Environment

University of California - Los Angeles & UC Berkeley
M. Rose
The Other Side of Excellence: Literacy, Underpreparation, and the Cognition of Composing

University of Colorado
Gerhard Fischer
Allowing Learners to be Articulate: Incorporating Automated Text Evaluation into Collaborative Software Environments

University of Illinois
Keith Thiede
Metacognitive Monitoring and Self-regulation of Study in Reading

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Amy M. Shapiro
Promoting Learning through User Strategies (PLUS): A Program for the Investigation and Application of Learning Strategies for

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Annemarie S. Palincsar
Investigating and Teaching Reading to Learn to Promote Scientific Literacy in Guided Inquiry Science Instruction

University of Pennsylvania
Christine Massey
Foundational Science for Young Learners

University of Pittsburgh
Colleen M. Zeitz
Transfer of Scientific Reasoning Strategies from Computer-Based Environments to a Real-World Laboratory

University of Pittsburgh
Charles Perfetti
Document Supported History Instruction

University of Pittsburgh
Isabel Beck
Enhancing Early Literacy Skills through Tutors and Computers

University of Rochester
S. Carver
Acquisition and Transfer of Problem Solving Skills for Research Communication

University of Washington
Pamela L. Grossman
Establishing a Community of Learners Among High School Teachers

University of Washington
Earl Hunt
Developing Self Propagating Networks for Instruction in Science

University of Washington & Mercer Island High Schoo
Emily H. Van Zee
Questioning Processes during Physics Instruction that Emphasizes Cognitive Development

University of Wisconsin
Brian A. Bottge
Integrating Mathematics Skills of Adolescents with Learning Disabilities

Vanderbilt University
Kirsten L. Rewey
Small Group Problem Solving in The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury Environment. A Preliminary Examination of Dyads

Vanderbilt University
John Bransford
Building on Strengths: Accelerated, Integrated Curriculum and Its Effects on Children, Teachers, and Parents

Vanderbilt University, The Learning Technology Cent
John Bransford
Designing Invitations to Thinking

Wisconsin Center for Education Research
Leona Schauble
Building Bridges Between Mathematics and Science

Yale University, Harvard Project Zero
Robert Sternberg
Practical Intelligence for School: A Plan and a Program for Teaching School Survival Skills