Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg and Washington
Yuri Moshalenko
Eastern European Support (studying the relationship between neuronal activity and the accompanying changes in local blood flo

Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, Rutgers University and Institute of Experimental Medicine, and Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Gyorgy Buzsaki
Network Oscillations in the Hippocampus: The role of inhibitory interneurons

Charles University - Faculty of Medicine
Miroslav Kuba
Electrophysiological Assessment of Human Cognitive Processes

Eotvos Lorand University & Rutgers University
Ilona Kovas
Spatial Continuity, Contour Closure and Skeletons: Psychophysical, Physiological, and Computational Aspects of Perceptual Org

Georgetown University Medical Center
Josef Rauschecker
Neurobehavioral and Neuroanatomical Studies of the Auditory System in Dogs

Medical University of Lubeck
Martin Schurmann
EEG Oscillations and Modes of Cognitive Processing in the Human Brain

Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University, and Czech Republic Academy of Sciences
Veronique Bohbot
The Mnemonic Contributions of the Hippocampus: From selective lesions to electrophysiology

Moscow State University & University of Oxford
Galina Paramei
Perceptual Studies of Affect in Humans

Moscow University and Carnegie Mellon University
Peter Brusilovsky
Creating More Versatile Intelligent Learning Environments on the Basis of Cognitive Analysis of Knowledge Being Learned

MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit, Oxford University, and Jozsef Attila University
Peter Somogyi
The Role of Distinct Interneuronal Populations in the Generation of Fast Cortical Network Oscillations

National Center for Scientific Research, France and Tbilisi State Medical University
Catherine Thinus-Blanc
How to Compensate for Early Blind Persons' Spatial Deficits: A study of optimal strategies for processing spatial information

Nencki Institute
Malgorzata Kossut
Learning Dependent Processes in the Barrel Cortex

New School for Social Research
William Hirst
Revitalizing Psychology in Romania

New School University
William Hirst
Advancement of Psychology in Romania

NIMH, NIH and Nencki Institute of Experimental Biol
Mortimer Mishkin
Effects of Medical Temporal Removals on Auditory Recognition in Monkeys

Ohio State University
Peter Culicover
The Dynamics of Grammar: Dynamical Systems Modeling of Language Acquisition and Language Change

Research Foundation of the State University of New York
John Robinson
Neuropeptide Receptor Signal Transduction as a Target for Drug Development for the Treatment of Cognitive Disorders

UCLA School of Medicine
Istvan Mody
The Role of Synaptic and Extrasynaptic GABAA Receptors in Cortical Networks

University of Arizona
W. Jake Jacobs
Spatial Cognition in Several Groups of Patients

University of Arizona & Pecs Medical School, Hungar
Lynn Nadel
Collaborative research for studies of the neural, cognitive, and behavioral components of spatial cognition, learning and mem

University of California - San Diego, & New Bulgarian University
Elizabeth Bates
Cross-linguistic Studies of Aphasia in Eastern Europe

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Moscow Mental Health Research Center
Natalya Uranova
Brain Structure and Experience in the Normal Human Brain and in Altered Cognitive States in Schizophrenia

University of Oregon, and Russian Academy of Sciences
Michael Posner
Communication Between Brain Regions During Thought

University of South Dakota
X. T. Wang
Risk Perception and Risky Choice in Social and Cultural Contexts: A Russian Study

University of Southern California
Irving Biederman
The Neural and Psychophysical Studies of Shape Representation In the Ventral Pathway of the Macaque

University of Southern California & Albert Szent-Gy
Irving Biederman
Neural and Psychophysical Studies of Shape representation in the Ventral Pathway of the Macaque

Washington University
Randy J. Larsen
Transcranial Doppler and EEG Studies of Affective Dispositions