Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Benchmark School
Irene Gaskins
Development of a Metacognitive Curriculum for an Elementary School

Brown University
Kathryn Spoehr
Using Hypermedia for Instruction

Clark University, University of Massachusetts-Bosto
M. Wiser
Teaching for Conceptual Change in Middle School Science

Learning Research and Development Center
G. Leinhardt
Skills of Explanation and Argument in Mathematics and Social Studies

Mercer Island School District & University of Washi
James Minstrell
The Development of a Classroom Based Teaching System Representing Students' Knowledge Structures and Their Processing of Inst

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Robbie Case
Rightstart: An Early Intervention Program for Insuring that Children's First Formal Learning of Arithmetic is Grounded in The

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Marlene Scardamalia
Interactive Environments for Promoting Intentional Learning

University of California - Berkeley
Ann L. Brown
Communities of Learning and Thinking

University of California - Los Angeles & UC Berkeley
M. Rose
The Other Side of Excellence: Literacy, Underpreparation, and the Cognition of Composing

Vanderbilt University, The Learning Technology Cent
John Bransford
Designing Invitations to Thinking

Yale University, Harvard Project Zero
Robert Sternberg
Practical Intelligence for School: A Plan and a Program for Teaching School Survival Skills