Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Grantee / ResearcherGrant Details

Carnegie Mellon University
Anne L. Fay
The Development of Scientific Reasoning

Children's Hospital, Boston Massachusetts
Avaril Ma

Columbia University
Paul B. Rothman

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Steven J. Tapscott

Johns Hopkins University
Paul Celano

Massachusetts General Hospital
Emmet V. Schmidt

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Mary Lamon
When Beliefs Conflict with Knowledge: The Use of Contradiction and Explanation in Science, Mathematics and Writing

Stanford University/Institute for Research on Learn
Rogers Hall
Representational Practices in Learning, Teaching, and Assessing Mathematics

University of California - Berkeley
Jack Smith
Designing the Learning of Fractions

University of California - Berkeley
Cynthia Greenleaf
A Case for Multicultural Teacher Education: Taking a Developmental Route to Excellence and Equity

University of Pittsburgh
Colleen M. Zeitz
Transfer of Scientific Reasoning Strategies from Computer-Based Environments to a Real-World Laboratory

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Mark H. Sieglman