Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Grantee / ResearcherGrant Details

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Mitchell Steinschneider
Neural Basis of Phonetic Discrimination

Brandeis University
Edgar Zurif

Carnegie Mellon University
Kenneth R. Koedinger

Children's Hospital, Boston Massachusetts
Avaril Ma

Cornell University Medical College-Sackler Institut
Ketih Purpura
Cortical Mechanisms of Visual Texture Discrimination and Segregation

Duke University
Russel E. Ware

Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences
Sidney R. Lehky

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Resarch
David Ian Kingston Martin

Gonzaga University & Washington State University
B. Sitko
Developing Culturally Sensitive Models For Writing instruction in Planning and Revising After Feedback

Harvard College

Neural Network Models of High-Level Vision

Harvard University
Margaret S. Livingstone
Interneural Synchrony Oscillatory Firing in the Primate Visual System

Massachusetts General Hospital
Daniel A. Haber

Moss Rehabilitation Hospital
Myrna F. Schwartz
Towards a Cognitive Neuropsychology of Everyday Action

New York University
J. Anthony Movshon
Neural Basis of Sensorimotor Integration

New York University
Elizabeth A. Phelps
Representations of Emotional Memory in the Human Brain

Northwester University
John D. E. Gabrieli
Neural Substrates of Human Perceptual-Motor Skill Learning

Princeton University
Charles G. Gross
Neuronal Basis of Visual Imagery

Princeton University
Paul M. Gochin
Optical Imaging of Neuronal Activity in Inferior Temporal Cortex During Cognitive Visual Processing

Stanford University School of Medicine
Edmund Waller

Temple University
Nadine Martin
The Organization of Lexical and Phonological Processes: Investigations of Naming in Normal and Aphasic Popula

University of California
Stephen G. Lisberger
Neural Basis of Sensorimotor Integration

University of California - Berkeley
Ann C.H. Kindfield
Understanding Basic Biological Processes

University of Maryland
Carl R. Olson
Spatial Representation of the Body: Single Neuron Analysis in Somatosensory Cortex of Behaving Monkey

University of Michigan
John Jonides
Imaginal Strategies in Inductive Reasoning: Evidence from PET

University of Pennsylvania
Martha Farah
Modularity in the Visual Recognition System: Face Selective Processing in Monkey and Humans

University of Rochester
S. Carver
Acquisition and Transfer of Problem Solving Skills for Research Communication

University of Washington & Mercer Island High Schoo
Emily H. Van Zee
Questioning Processes during Physics Instruction that Emphasizes Cognitive Development

Vanderbilt University
Kirsten L. Rewey
Small Group Problem Solving in The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury Environment. A Preliminary Examination of Dyads

Vanderbilt University
Jeffrey D. Schall
Neural Correlates of Directed Visual Attention in Visuomotor Cortex of Macaque Monkey

Vanderbilt University
Todd M. Preuss
Evolutionary Specialization of Primate Motor Association Cortex