Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Grantee / ResearcherGrant Details

Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg and Washington
Yuri Moshalenko
Eastern European Support (studying the relationship between neuronal activity and the accompanying changes in local blood flo

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

B Cell Immunoglobin Gene Hypermutation

Brown University
Jeromes Sanes

California Institute of Technology
Alexander Grunewald

Carnegie Mellon University
Kenneth R. Koedinger
Understanding Informal Algebra and Bridging to Symbolic Algebra

Carnegie Mellon University
Sonya N. Gettner

Columbia University

Mechanisms of Tumor Suppression and Growth Regulation by pRB and Related Proteins

Eotvos Lorand University & Rutgers University
Ilona Kovas
Spatial Continuity, Contour Closure and Skeletons: Psychophysical, Physiological, and Computational Aspects of Perceptual Org

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

The Role of Notch in Hematopoiesis

Georgetown University Medical Center
Rhonda B. Friedman

Harvard University
Carol Smith
Explanatory Model. Construction: The Case of a Theory of Matter

Harvard University

Helix-loop-helix/leucine xipper transcription factors in cell proliferation, cell death and development

King's College London
Jeffrey A. Gray

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Therapeutic Strategies Based on Gene Transfer in Cells of Hematopoitic Origin

Moscow State University & University of Oxford
Galina Paramei
Perceptual Studies of Affect in Humans

New School for Social Research
William Hirst
Revitalizing Psychology in Romania

New York University
Kevin Sauve

New York University
Nava Rubin

Northwestern University
Brian Resier
Scaffolding Scientific Thinking and Construction of Models of Biological Mechanisms

Northwestern University
Beverly A. Wright

Old Dominion University
Danielle S. McNamara
Background Knowledge Assessment: A Key to Improving Learning from Text

Princeton University
Michael Graziano

Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc.
Daniel C. Javitt

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Anat Zohar
Thinking Teachers: Teachers Cognition in Implementing Higher Order Reasoning in Science Classrooms

University College London
Tim Shallice

University of California - Berkeley
Barbara Y. White
Developing Teachers' and Students' Scientific Inquiry Skills Using a Computer-Based, Classroom Learning Environment

University of California - Las Angeles
Dan Geschwind

University of California - San Fransico
Todd W. Troyer

University of Iowa
Steven J. Luck

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Amy M. Shapiro
Promoting Learning through User Strategies (PLUS): A Program for the Investigation and Application of Learning Strategies for

University of Oregon
Dare A. Baldwin

University of Oregon
Michael I. Posner

University of Southern California
Diana R. Van Lancker

University of Washington
Pamela L. Grossman
Establishing a Community of Learners Among High School Teachers

University of Washington
Earl Hunt
Developing Self Propagating Networks for Instruction in Science

Vanderbilt University
John Bransford
Building on Strengths: Accelerated, Integrated Curriculum and Its Effects on Children, Teachers, and Parents

Wisconsin Center for Education Research
Leona Schauble
Building Bridges Between Mathematics and Science