Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The Role of RNA Polymerase II in the Cell's Response to DNA Damage

Bucknell University
Andrea R. Halpern

Carnegie Mellon University
David Klahr
Integrating Instruction on a 'Control of Variables Strategy' into the Elementary School Science Curriculum

Carnegie Mellon University
Bruce McCandliss

Carnegie Mellon University
Tai Sing Lee

Carnegie Mellon University & University of Pittsbur
Marcel A. Just
Neurocognitive remediation of Aphasic Language Understanding

Columbia University

The Genetic Analysis of Sporadic Breasts Cancer

Duke University
David C. Rubin

Edinburgh University
Keith Stenning
Integrating Social and Representational Aspects of Problem Solving Across the High School Curriculum

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

G1 Regulation in Normal and Geoplastic Cell Cycles

Georgia Institute of Technology
Janet Kolodner
Scaffolding Learning by Design: An Exploration of the Metacognitive Skills Needed to Successfully Negotiate and Learn from Op

John P. Robarts Research Institute
Ravi S. Menon

Massachusetts General Hospital
Janine D. Mendola

Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
John Whyte
Remediation of Attention Deficits Following Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury

Northwestern University
Darren R. Gitelman

Rotman Research Institute
Fergus I.M. Craik
Rehabilitation of Memory: A Cognitive, Imaging and Behavioral Approach

Rotman Research Institute
Donald T. Stuss
Development of a Multidisciplinary Cognitive Rehabilitationilitation Research Team: Executive dysfunction and memory disorders

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Anne Sereno

Stanford University
Russell A. Poldrack

Trinity College
Sarah A. Raskin
Prospective Memory Training Following Traumatic Brain Injury

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Timothy J. Gawne

University of California - Davis
Kathleen Baynes
The Use of Multiple Representations in Rehabilitation

University of California - Las Angeles

Regulation of Ca2+ Signaling in Hematopoietic Cells by Btk Family of Kinases

University of California - San Diego, & New Bulgarian University
Elizabeth Bates
Cross-linguistic Studies of Aphasia in Eastern Europe

University of Chicago

T Cell Activation and Differentiation in Response to Defined Tumor Antigens: Characterization of Costimulatory Requirments an

University of Chicago
Jack D. Cowan

University of Colorado
Gerhard Fischer
Allowing Learners to be Articulate: Incorporating Automated Text Evaluation into Collaborative Software Environments

University of Massachusetts
Sasch E. Engelbrecht

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Annemarie S. Palincsar
Investigating and Teaching Reading to Learn to Promote Scientific Literacy in Guided Inquiry Science Instruction

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Charles M. Butter
Treatment for Unilateral Spatial Neglect after Stroke

University of Oregon
McKay Sohlberg
Pilot Project on Cognitive Rehabilitationilitation of Attentional Disorders

University of Pennsylvania
Sharon L. Thompson-Schill

University of Pittsburgh
Charles Perfetti
Document Supported History Instruction

University of Rochester
Robert A. Jacobs

University of Rochester Medical Center
William H. Merigan

University of Southern California
W. Jake Jacobs

University of Southern California & Albert Szent-Gy
Irving Biederman
Neural and Psychophysical Studies of Shape representation in the Ventral Pathway of the Macaque

University of Washington
George A. Ojemann

Washington University School of Medicine
Robert E. Hanlon
Effects of Contextual Interference on Learning and Retention of Functional Skills following Acquired Brain Damage: Implicatio