Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Andre Antonio Fenton
Spatial Cognition: Contributions of Place Cells, Hippocampal Pathways, Allocentric and Idiothetic Information

Cambridge University
Lorraine K. Tyler
Category Structure and Category-Specific Deficits: A Cognitive Science Approach

Carnegie Mellon University
Jonathan J. Marotta
How Does Semantic Information About the Function of an Object Affect Grasping?

Dalhousie University
R. M. Klein
On the Relationships Between Overt Orienting and Covert Shifts of Visual Attention

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Scott H. Johnson
A Motor Imagery-based Protocol for the Post-stroke Rehabilitation of Hemiplegic Adults: Development, implementation, and eval

Georgetown University Medical Center
Josef Rauschecker
Neurobehavioral and Neuroanatomical Studies of the Auditory System in Dogs

Georgetown University Medical Center
Michael T. Ullman
Contribution of Neural Memory Circuits to Language

Harvard University Medical School
Christopher Pack
Cortical Processing of Optic Flow for Navigation and Visual Stability

Massachusetts General Hospital
Jeremy D. Schmahmann
Cognitive Effects of Cerebellar Lesions in Monkeys

Massachusetts General Hospital
Moshe Bar
Studying Cortical Mechanisms of Visual Object Recognition and Memory by Combining Psychophysics, fMRI, and MEG

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jonathan D. Wallis
Cortical Representation of Affective Working Memory

Max Planck Institute for Bio Cybernetics
Peter Tse
The Neural Basis of Form Analysis in the Motion Pathway: Single-Unit Recording and Monkey fMRI Studies

Medical University of Lubeck
Martin Schurmann
EEG Oscillations and Modes of Cognitive Processing in the Human Brain

Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University
Robert J. Zatorre
Functional Organization of the Human Auditory Cortex

Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
Laurel Buxbaum
Effectiveness of Treatments of Hemispatial Neglect

Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
Sharon K. McDowell
Treatment of Executive Function Deficits: Evidence from theoretical, clinical, and real world measures

Ohio State University
Peter Culicover
The Dynamics of Grammar: Dynamical Systems Modeling of Language Acquisition and Language Change

Ohio State University
Vladimir Sloutsky
The Development of Understanding in Mathematics and Science: Cognitive Mechanisms and Methods of Amplification

Purdue University
Jack Gandour
Crosslinguistic PET Studies of Speech Prosody

Research Foundation of the State University of New York
John Robinson
Neuropeptide Receptor Signal Transduction as a Target for Drug Development for the Treatment of Cognitive Disorders

Rotman Research Insitute, Baycrest Centre for Geria
Terence W. Picton
Rehabilitation of Attentional Problems Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Rotman Research Institute
Donald T. Stuss

Trustees of Boston University
Martin L. Albert
Treating "Attention" to Improve Functional Comprehension in Aphasia

Universita di Padova
Carlo Umilta
A Neurophysiologically-Motivated Computational Model of Spatial Attention in Vision and Action

Universita di Parma
Giacomo Rizzolatti
Mechanisms and Circuits for Space and Object Attention

University of Arizona
W. Jake Jacobs
Spatial Cognition in Several Groups of Patients

University of Arizona
Cecile McKee
Promoting and Measuring Deaf Students’ Language Competence: A Step Towards Improving Academic Achievement

University of Bristol
Monika Harvey
A Visuomotor Feedback Paradigm for Assessing and Rehabilitating Hemispatial Neglect

University of California - Davis
Diane Swick
Contributions of Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus to Episodic Memory: ERP and Lesion Studies

University of California - Davis
Leah Krubitzer
Higher Order Somatosensory Processing Networks: A Combined fMRI Study in Monkeys and Humans

University of California - Davis, Center for Neurosc
Shih-Cheng Yen
Cortical Basis of Perceptual Salience

University of California - Los Angeles
Rick H. Cai
Neural Correlates of Illusory Visual Localization, and Its Perceptual Consequences

University of California - San Francisco
John F. Houde
The Role of Auditory Feedback in Speech Production

University of Colorado
Gail Ramsberger
Executive Function and Communication Success in Aphasia: Implications for rehabilitation

University of Illinois
Keith Thiede
Metacognitive Monitoring and Self-regulation of Study in Reading

University of London, Goldsmiths College
Jules Davidoff
Multiple Brain Systems and the Rehabilitation of Face Recognition

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
G. Albyn Davis
Treatment of Aphasic Word-finding at the Automatic Level

University of Missouri, Columbia
Jonathan King
The Temporal Dynamics of Language Processing

University of Pittsburgh
Isabel Beck
Enhancing Early Literacy Skills through Tutors and Computers

University of Rochester
Daphne Bavelier
Reorganization of Visual Functions in Congenitally Deaf Adults

University of Southwestern Louisiana
Todd M. Preuss
Evolutionary Specializations of Human Cerebral Cortex

University of Turku
Matti Laine
Rehabilitation of Anomia: Explorations of cognitive and neural mechanisms

University of Western Ontario
Jody C. Culham
Human Neural Substrates of Visually-Guided Grasping

University of Wisconsin
Brian A. Bottge
Integrating Mathematics Skills of Adolescents with Learning Disabilities

Washington University
Desiree A. White
A Model for Organizational Strategy Training in Individual with Traumatic Brain Injury

Washington University School of Medicine
Carolyn Baum
Improving Cognitive Performance: Cognition, Neurobiological Mechanisms, Treatment, and Community Reintegration