Programs and Grants prior to 2000

Programs and Grants prior to 2000

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Brown University
David Sheinberg
Effects of Microstimulation in the Inferotemporal Cortex of Monkeys

California Institute of Technology
Recording Single Neurons In Human Medial Temporal Lobe During Visual Backward Masking

Dartmouth College
Sandeep Prasada
Neural Basis for conceptual representation

Dartmouth College
Scott Johnson
Beyond Localization: Reconsidering the Issue of Category-Specific Visual Areas Through Parallel Investigations of Intracrania

Duke University
Kevin Wilson
Reference Frame Effects in the Top-Down Control of Visual Attention

Duke University
Edith Kaan
Cognitive and Neural Aspects of Syntactic Reanalysis

Duke University Medical Center
Michael Platt
Role of Posterior Cingulate Cortex in Sensory-Motor Integration

Harvard University
Yaoda Xu
Objects Through the Eyes of Visual Short-Term Memory

Harvard University
Giorgio Ganis
Cognitive Neuroscience of Mental Image Transformation: fMRI and TMS studies

International School for Advanced Studies
Mathew Diamond
Cortical Representation and Storage of Tactile Events

Massachusetts General Hospital
Rajeev Raizada
Cross-Modal Processing and its Relations to Dyslexia: Psychophysics, fMRI, and Neurophysiology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Maximilian Riesenhuber
Now You See It, Now You Don't: Towards a Computational Model of Object Detection in Rapidly Presented Images

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jaemin Rhee
Lexical and Grammatical Processing in the Brain

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Susan Hespos
Optical Imaging in Human Infants

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Valentin Dragoi
Cortical Plasticity and the Processing of Natural Images

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wael Asaad
The Neurochemical Basis of Prefrontal Cognitive Processing

Nijmegen University
Walter Van Heuven
The Wiring of the Language Network in the Bilingual Brain: fMRI Studies on Word Reading in Dutch-English Bilinguals

Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest Centre for Ge
Anthony McIntosh
Interindividual Differences in the Functional Neural Networks Supporting Learning and Memory

Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest Centre for Ge
Craig Easdon
Identifying the Spatiotemporal Properties of Neural Networks Underlying Inhibitory Mechanisms

Stanford University
Adam Anderson
Neural Correlates of Affective Primacy

University of Amsterdam
Victor Lamme
Does Late Activity in Primary Visual Cortex Play a Role in Visual Awareness?

University of California - Berkeley
Clayton Curtis
Neural Effects of Interference with Working Memory

University of Pittsburgh
Kae Nakamura
Role of Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Behavioral Control

University of Rochester
Krystel Huxlin
Mechanisms of Perceptual Recovery After Visual Cortical Lesions

Washington University School of Medicine
Anthony Dickinson
Are Plans for Movement Organized in Parietal Cortex According to the Body Part ot be Moved, or According to the Task to be Pe

Yale University School of Medicine
Ioan Opris
Neural Correlates of Decision Mechanism in Prefrontal Cortex

Yale University School of Medicine
Christos Constantinidis
The Cortical Circuitry that Mediates Working Memory

York University
Vinod Goel
Imaging the Reasoning Brain