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James S. McDonnell Foundation
21st Century Science Initiative
Annual Program Meeting
June 3-5, 2003
Posters Presented

Heather Bortfeld
Texas A&M University
Poster Title: Applying Near Infrared-Spectroscopy to the Study of Infant Speech Perception

Attila Csikasz-Nagy
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Poster Title: Modeling Spatial Patterns of Growth and Division in Fission Yeast

Shi-Yuan Cheng
University of Pittsburgh
Poster Title: Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-B Enhances Glioma Angiogenesis by Stimulating Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression in Tumor Endothelia and by Promoting Pericyte

Michael Doebeli
University of British Columbia
Poster Title: Evolutionary Branching and Adaptive Speciation

Isabel Gauthier
Vanderbilt University
Poster Title: Perceptual Interference Supports a Non-modular Account of Face Processing

Sheng He
University of Minnesota
Poster Title: Adaptation in the Mind's Eye

Lori L. Holt
Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Title: The Role of Experience in Speech Perception

Michael Kilgard
University of Texas at Dallas
Poster Title: Sensory Experience and Cortical Plasticity

Andrew Parker
Oxford University
Poster Title: Perception of Size in a 'Dynamic Ames Room'

Mercedes Pascual
University of Michigan
Poster Title: Self-Organization and Stability in Ecological Systems with Local Antagonistic Interactions

David Rowitch
Dana-Farber Cancer Insitute
Poster Title: Regulation of Proliferation in Neural Precursors

Susan Short
Gray Cancer Institute
Poster Title: Non Targeted Effects of Radiation

Sean Sullivan
University of Florida
Poster Title: Non-Viral Gene Therapy of Treatment of Brain Cancer

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