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Readings for the March 2005 Workshop

Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view readings.

  Link  Readings (in order received)


1) PDF Cultural coevolution of norm adoption and enforcement when punishers are rewarded or non-punishers are punished
Jeremy Kendal, Marcus W. Feldman, and Kenichi Aoki
2) PDF Academic Entrepreneurs: Social Learning and Participation in University
Technology Transfer
Janet Bercovitz
3) PDF Cultural Niche Construction with Application to Fertility Control: A Model for Education and Social Transmission of Contraceptive Use
Marc Feldman
4) PDF Emerging paradigms of cognition in medical decision-making
Vimla L. Patel, David R. Kaufman, and Jose F. Arochab
5) PDF The Evolution of Norms
Paul R. Ehrlich and Simon A. Levin
6) PDF Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance by Human and Bacterial Niche Construction
Maciej F. Boni and Marcus W. Feldman

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