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Science of Memory: Concepts
Organizational Conference
September 22-24, 2005
IBM Palisades Conference Center
Palisades, NY

The dates for the meeting are drawing close – we look forward to seeing you at the IBM Palisades. The information below will help you prepare for the meeting so that the short time we have together time can be used most productively. An updated agenda has been posted on the meeting website (link provided below). The agenda will not change substantially but there may be refinements; please check the website periodically for any changes.

During the afternoon of Friday, September 23rd time is allotted for the concept teams to meet in small groups. During the first of these small group sessions each of you will make a short, informal presentation (10-15 minutes) to the others writing on the same concept If the weather is pleasant groups can meet out of doors so please do not plan on using Power-point or other visual displays . We suggest using the time for describing your understanding of the concept within your experimental tradition. The discussion should work towards identifying loci of agreement, disagreement, and knowledge gaps. The integrator for each concept will serve as the concept rapporteur, preparing and presenting a brief summary (10 minutes, 1 overhead transparency) of the concept group’s deliberation to the entire group Saturday morning. Attempting to reach a consensus is not the goal of the small group sessions. Rather, we see this time as an opportunity to clarify the differences and possible areas of overlap among the individual points of view. Guidelines for the concept discussion and the summary report will be provided at the conference.

1. What was distributed so far:
(and in case it was swallowed in your email, copies can be retrieved from the conference site, http://www.jsmf.org/meetings/2005/memory.htm)

a. Rationale and goal of this meeting
b. List of concepts, and matching of conferees to concepts
c. Meeting agenda
d. The introductory chapter, Memory Concepts

2. What we recommend in preparation for the meeting:
a. Go over the concepts and consider the relevance of each, as well as of their combinations, to your research and your own theory of memory
b. Read the introductory chapter
3. What we request that you bring with you to the meeting:

a. Single-page outline of the opinion about that concept that you were requested to present and discuss
b. If you are an integrator, single page summary of the different opinions you would anticipate on that concept you are integrating.

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