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James S. McDonnell Foundation 21st Century Science Initiative
2006 Program Meeting
Everything Old Becomes New Again – Or Does It?
June 7-9, 2006, IBM Palisades Conference Center


The annual program meeting provides a venue for researchers from the three funding areas -- Brain Cancer, Complex Systems, and Bridging Brain, Mind, and Behavior -- to explore topics of common interest and to learn about one another’s projects. The invited talks, organized into three topical sessions, serve to introduce themes and provide examples of how questions and approaches in different areas of research can overlap with and even inform one another. The poster session provides a further opportunity for the meeting participants to learn about and discuss one another’s work. All participants are invited to bring a poster. A preliminary meeting agenda is provided on our web site.

Meals, receptions, and unscheduled free time are important components of JSMF-sponsored meetings and provide opportunities for continued scientific exchange. Whenever possible, we encourage you to arrange your travel so you can participate in the entire meeting.

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