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James S. McDonnell Foundation 21 st Century Science Initiative
2008 Advisory Board and Program Meetings
June 23-26, 2008

Posters Presented

James Aimone
Salk Institute
Poster Title: Computational Impact of Adult Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus

Carolyn Baum
Washington University
Poster Title: Linking Brain to Everyday Life

Lisa Connor, Washington University and Carolyn Baum, Washington University
Poster Title: Executive function after stroke: experimental and performance-based measures

Mark Buckley
Oxford University
Poster Title: Double dissociations in the effects of prefrontal cortex lesions in macaque monkeys on a Wisconsin Card Sorting Test analogue

Madalena Costa
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Poster Title: Complexity analysis of physiologic signals

Garrison Cottrell
University of California, San Diego
Poster Title: Using features from natural statistics to recognize faces

Charles Eberhart
Johns Hopkins University
Poster Title: Hh Blockade Depletes Stem-like Glioblastoma Cells

Scott Frey, University of Oregon, and Daniel Povinelli, University of Louisiana
Poster Title: Exquisite Constraints on Causal Reasoning in Chimpanzees

Daniel Geschwind
UCLA School of Medicine
Poster Title: Functional Organization of the Human Brain Transcriptiome

Jamshid Ghajar
Brain Trauma Foundation
The Cognitive and Neurobiological Research Consortium

John Lansing
Santa Fe Institute
Poster Title: Anthropological Models of Social Structure, Genes, and

John Laterra
The Kennedy Krieger Institute
Poster Title: Delta/Notch-like EGF-related receptor (DNER) regulates human GBM-derived neurospheres

Henry Mann
University of Minnesota
Poster Title: Partnership for Excellence in Critical Care--A Multicenter Network for Critical Care Improvement

Paul Mischel
University of California , Los Angeles
Poster Title: Development of new tools for quantitative analysis of signaling networks in molecularly heterogeneous tumor samples

Pratik Mukherjee
University of California , San Francisco
Poster Title: 1) Abnormal Microstructure of the Cinguium Bundle in Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum: A 3T DTI Study

2) Impaired Functional Connectivity in Traumatic Brain Injury: An MEG Study

Vimla Patel
Arizona State University
Poster Title: Why bungee jumping is safer than a visit to your doctor: A collaborative study on complexity in critical care environments.

Cathy Price
Institute of Neurology , UCL
Poster Title: 1) Predicting speech production difficulties on the basis of lesion site after stroke. 2) Dissociating different types of reading impairment on the basis of brain lesion site.

Todd Preuss
Emory University
Poster Title: Evolutionary Specializations of the Human Brain

Jason Robert
Arizona State University
Poster Title: Neuroscience and Society

Angela Roberts
University of Cambridge
Poster Title: Response Adaptation: a structural, neurochemical and autonomic analysis.

Trevor Robbins
University of Cambridge
Poster Title: Differential effects of insula and ventromedial prefrontal cortical lesions on risky decision-making

Don Stuss
Rotman Institute at Baycrest
Poster Title: 1) The Ecological Validity of the Multiple Errands Test -- Hospital Version: Preliminary Findings

2) A randomized control trial of goal management training in adults with neurological damage

Ayumu Tashiro
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Poster Title: TBA

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