Upcoming meeting

Centennial Fellows 10 Year Reunion Conference
June 2-4, 2009
Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis, MO

Posters Displayed


Joseph Gabriel
Florida State University
Poster Title:  Tissue Cultures:  The Scientific, Legal, and Cultural Histories of Stem Cell Research

Katia Koelle
Duke University
Poster Title:  Deriivation and application of a dimensionless quantity for understanding viral evolution

Stephen Pemberton
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Poster Title:  Man’s Best Friend:  How Canine Animal Models Transformed Hemophilia Into a Manageable Disease

John Pruett
Washington University School of Medicine
Poster Title:  A pilot study of a quantitiative, cross-species social reciprocity measure

Hannah Seidel
Princeton University
Poster Title:  Genetic Incompatibility in C. elegans

Mariano Sigman
University of Buenos Aires
Poster Title:  The Brain's Turing Machine

Keith Wailoo and Peter Guarnaccia
Rutgers University
Poster Title: Revisiting the Bungled Transplant: Lessons for Immunology, Transplantation, Medical Error, and Health Policy from a Multi-Disciplinary Study