Upcoming meeting

Waking Up - brain systems and recovery from anesthesia
February 9-11, 2011
Emory Conference Center, Atlanta, GA 30329



Michael Alkire, University of California - Irvine
Helene Benveniste, Stony Brook University Medical Center
Emery Brown, MIT/Harvard Medical School
Timothy Buchman, Emory Healthcare
Divya Chander, Stanford University
Jan Claassen, Columbia University
Brent Dolezalek, James S. McDonnell Foundation
Susan Fitzpatrick, James S. McDonnell Foundation
Nick Franks, Imperial College - London
Paul Garcia, Emory University School of Medicine
Anthony Hudetz, Medical College of Wisconsin
Fahmeed Hyder, Yale University
Andrew Jenkins, Emory University
Max Kelz, University of Pennsylvania
George Mashour, University of Michigan Medical School
Robert Pearce, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Douglas Rothman, Yale University
David Rye, Emory University
Nicholas Schiff, Weill Cornell Medical College
Paul Shaw, Washington University School of Medicine
Irene Tracey, University of Oxford
Gagan Wig, Washington University School of Medicine