Welcome to the Neuro-Journalism Mill

Welcome to the Neurojournalism Mill!  The site dedicated to sifting the wheat from the chaff of popular media reporting on news about the brain. Regular readers of Bad Neurojournalism will find our usual bad-tempered neurocurmudgeonly musings, including the BNJ archives, in Chaff.   In Wheat, the neurocurmudgeons will grudgingly acknowledge (only kidding, we are delighted when we have the opportunity to say something positive) articles and newstories that make a superior effor to "get it right".   By "getting it right" we do not mean just getting the basic facts correct - we mean covering brain science with a high degree of integrity, sensitivity, and sophistication so that the reader is genuinely informed.  


To be considered Chaff, the article must demonstrate one (or more than one) of the following flaws: